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Hey there.

I'm Breanna.

I am a licensed cosmetologist in the state of California. I am slightly obsessed with anything 'techie' & everything beauty business related.

I've created an amazing clientele with a part time schedule around my life & I could not be happier in my business. I want to share my strategies with as many beauty professionals as possible. It's become my life's mission.

Here's where I'm a bit out of the ordinary...

I will never put a price tag on your happiness or a mandatory follower count that is dependent on your success.

YOUR SUCCESS is completely different than MINE.

We don't HAVE to make 250k to be happy or successful, or work until we can't stand up straight.

Success is being happy to show up to work everyday.

And from there my friend, you will find the amazing clientele & the higher income will fall into your lap.

I'd love to join you on your journey to success.



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